The Trade Book While Diablo does include an element of multiplayer play

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  • "The auction house was born of the need to legitimateize third party trading so that players would stay on the field to conduct their trading rather than go to third party sites, and consequently reduce fraud and scams D2R ladder items, spamming and the revenue generated by hacking into the game, creating duplicates and dupes. ," former game director Jay Wilson said in an interview with DiabloII. net after he left the company.

    "The problem is, of course, it over-legitimized trading. It was too simple. I'm sure we're all aware of this now, and the consequences. We were worried about the ramifications earlier however, we believed it would be beneficial to outweigh the disadvantages. [World of Warcraft's auction house] seemed like a good illustration of the concept. Obviously we were mistaken. "

    The mistake came down to two major areas. First, the auction house featured a real-money element, which allowed players to buy loot directly. This element opened Blizzard to criticism of its design of poor-quality loot drop drops to enhance trading.

    The company took a modest fee from each transaction, it took a small cut from every. Whether or not this was the case, the overall quality of loot was extremely poor at launch, and fans were justifiably suspicious--especially given that Blizzard's acquisition from Activision was only a few years old at this point, and longtime Blizzard fans were watchful for any resulting changes in corporate culture.

    In addition, the existence of real-money trading made the anti-cheat methods which are more crucial for the overall health in the gaming. If one could make something of value infinitely, to take an example. It would create scams and lower the value of products.

    It's part of the"always online" component that resulted in frustration for players in the first few days buy diablo 2 resurrected items. If you're always online the system will always be looking for cheats like duplication glitches however that didn't make players who prefer to play offline feel any better.